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The world's first water filter tested by experts and designed by dermatologists specifically for your skin and hair care needs.

  • Radiant Skin
  • Hydrated Hair
  • No wrinkles

My hair is softer, my skin is glowing, and I look forward to my showers every day.

Marie H. 58 years old

Proven Health-Boosting Filtered Showerhead

Tangle Free, Softer Hair

Eliminate the harsh effects of hard water on your hair.


Treat your skin kindly with showers that fight aging.

Removes Bacteria & Chemicals

Ensure a pure, bacteria-free bathing experience


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Showerenvy® 2.0 Ionic Shower Head
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Showerenvy® 2.0 Ionic Shower Head

$109.97 $54.95
  • Removes Chlorine And Chemicals
  • Improves Hair And Skin Health
  • 200% More Water Pressure
  • 3 Shower Modes For Relaxation
Showerenvy 5.0 Advanced Showerhead + Vitamin Infuser
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Showerenvy 5.0 Advanced Showerhead + Vitamin Infuser

$199.99 $99.95
  • Adds Glow To Your Hair And Skin
  • Filters Chlorine, Fluoride And All 99% Of Toxins
  • boosts collagen production
  • Double filtered showerhead

Real people, real results


‘’ Shower Envy worked wonders for my skin and hair. Its filtration system and vitamin C infusion noticeably reduced my acne, giving me clearer and healthier skin and added a glow to my hair in just a 3 weeks!‘’

Laura M.

Dry Hair

‘’ Shower Envy worked wonders for my hair. Its filtration system and vitamin C infusion noticeably reduced my frizziness, giving me a smooth and shinier hair in just one week!.‘’

Laura M.

Dry Skin

‘’It's no secret that I have been on the skin struggle bus for, well...years. THIS amazing device is a GAME CHANGER!!! This is the best Ive felt about my skin in years and I keep getting compliments. My skin is glowing again!‘’

Laura M.

Wrinkles & Fine Lines

‘’Everyone my age has wrinkles. But that doesn't mean I don't still want my skin to look its absolute best. So I took the plunge and bought a Solawave Wand. With just a few minutes of self-care per day, it's made such a remarkable improvement in my skin.‘’

Monique G. - 61
  • Boost Collagen
  • 99% Bacteria Removal
  • 99% Bacteria Removal
  • Boost Collagen
  • 99% Bacteria Removal

Vitamin A, C & E Infused to help collagen production

  • Protect your skin & hair from mineral build up

  • Filter out 
the nasties

  • Protect your skin & hair from mineral build up

The difference is clear



  • Softer Skin and Hair
  • Anti-aging
  • Acne-Fighting
  • Gentler on Eczema
  • Reduces Risk of Allergies
  • Hair Color Preservation
  • Cost - Effective

The science behind
Shower Envy®


Is filled with bacteria and mineral deposits over time

Causing skin dryness, irritation, and potential respiratory issues.


15 stage filter innovative design addresses these concerns

Making it ideal for maintaining hydrated skin, healthy hair, and reducing exposure to chlorine.

The components that make it super effective

Showerenvy’s exceptional effectiveness is attributed to a powerful set of components. This advanced combination guarantees a revitalizing impact on your overall health.

  • Vitamin A, C & E Infuser
  • 15-Stage Advanced Filter
  • Calcium Sulfite
  • Maifan Stone
  • Calcium Sulfite

    Removes substances caused by methane, bleach powder, residual chlorine, and rust, ensuring a healthy and safe water supply.

    • Removes the residual impurities in the water
    • Enriches water with precious minerals
    • ShowerEnvy revitalizes your mind, body and soul!
    • The soothing water rejuvenates. Better Hair, Glowing Skin

    In addition to chlorine, calcium sulfite can also neutralize other harmful chemicals present in water, such as heavy metals and organic compounds, making the shower water cleaner and safer to use. Calcium sulfite helps maintain the skin's pH balance, so shower water filtered

  • Maifan Stone

    Maifan stone is rich in essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium. When used in a shower filter, it can infuse the water with these minerals, promoting healthier skin and hair.

    • Maifan stone exhibits natural antibacterial properties
    • Maifan stone can effectively filter out impurities and harmful
    • This can prevent skin dryness and irritation caused
    • Maifan stone enhances the quality of shower water

    Maifan stone is known for its durability and longevity. When used in a shower filter, it can provide long-lasting filtration and mineralization benefits, making it a cost-effective and sustainable option for water treatment.

  • Alkaline Tourmaline

    Alkaline tourmaline helps to balance the pH levels of water, making it less acidic. This can be beneficial for maintaining the natural pH balance of the skin and hair, leading to healthier and more hydrated skin and hair.

    • It can also soothe skin conditions such as eczema and dryness.
    • Alkaline tourmaline has the ability to ionize water molecules
    • Some proponents of alkaline tourmaline believe that the negative ions

    Showering with alkaline tourmaline-filtered water can create a spa-like experience at home, leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated after each shower.

The harmful effects of heavy metals in the water

Exposure to unfiltered shower water contaminated with heavy metals can lead to various health problems including:

  • Skin irritation

    Chromium may cause skin irritation and allergic reactions in some individuals, particularly those with sensitive skin.

  • Hair Damage

    Elevated levels of copper in water can contribute to hair discoloration and dryness.

  • developmental issues in children

    Lead affects red blood cell chemistry and delays normal physical and mental development in babies and young children.

  • cancer risk

    Exposure to heavy metals, whether accidental or occupational, can lead to disorders such as cancer, and neurological disorders.

Clinically proven to improve your health within 3 weeks

customer results
  • 92% Improvement in eczema symptoms
  • 95% Said their hair felt softer 
& appeared healthier
  • 90% Reduced the appearance of fine lines
  • 98% Felt healthier & more energized

Try Shower Envy Risk Free!

We’re confident you’ll love our product but if by some rare occasion you’re not satisfied, we offer a 60-day money back guarantee.