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Showerenvy® v2.1 (Gold & Silver)

Showerenvy® v2.1 (Gold & Silver)

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High quality

High quality ABS material and stainless steel panel, environmental protection and durability.

A key switch

Humanized design, convenient and quick. One key stop water, once open and use.

Universal rotating

360 degrees rotating around. Up and down 45 degree adjustment.

Common interface

Standard four point interface fit for most families use.

Three mode

According to different scenes and preferences, adjust the water mode. The pulse mode: Strong water, bring comfortable massage experience. Surfing model: Comprehensive water release, large amount of water, completely open the pores, release human body fatigue, relieve pressure and so on. The rain patterns: Water area is big, water current is exquisite, let you purify the exhaustion of a day, taking relaxed sleep.

Supercharging technology

For German LUV water limiting matrix supercharging technology. Laser pinhole type pressurized water outlet. Even washing is more powerful..

No need punch

Easy installation, do not hurt the wall, a tear a paste can be.

Sprayer function

The shower head can be detached as a sprayer. Without the stainless steel panels filtering, the shower head can spray high pressure water to clean the corner of your bathroom effectively and conveniently.


Type: Portable 360 degrees rotating three mode pressurized shower head

Quantity: 1pc

Material: ABS and stainless steel

Color: Electric plating golden/ Electric plating silver

Heat temperature: 100 ℃

Size: 80*240mm/3.1*9.4” (L*W)

Net weight: 210g/7.4oz


1* Portable three mode pressurized shower head

Hard Water: How It Works

Dry, itchy scalp. Brittle, frizzy hair. Eczema. You’ve likely tried every product and hair hack under the sun, but the real culprit may actually be in your water.

Unfiltered water, carries harsh minerals and impurities from dirty, rusty pipes that can damage your skin and hair. Meaning weak hair follicles, flaky skin, and psoriasis and eczema flare-ups.

Ever noticed an orange, green or brassy tint to your hair? The combined effects of hard water and chlorine can alter your hair color.

ShowerEnvy Solves all of this in one fast and easy step. Plus the added benefit of vitamin infused water. so you not only protect but enhance. Quick and Easy.


For optimal performance, we suggest replacing the filter every 6 months. In areas with higher levels of contaminants, more frequent replacements, as short as 3 months, may be necessary.

How To Install

Installation is a breeze with ShowerEnvy!

In less than 5 minutes, you can have it up and running, and the best part? No need for a plumber!

Everything you need is right there in the box. It's super easy and hassle-free!

Just don't ignore the included teflon tape.

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